Vincent Breglia / Gordon Siegel for Selectmen: Provincetown MA

It's Another Beautiful Day in the Hood

Hello , My name is Vincent Breglia, Born in Hartford CT where I lived and worked full time as a customer Service specialist. I changed careers and my location within a year after visiting Provincetown. I knew this is where I wanted to live full-time and the place I would be calling home. I came to Provincetown in the early 90's to pursue my dream as an artist. I have never been disappointed by the many opportunities Provincetown has to offer. 

I am running for a seat on the Board of Selectmen on May 3, 2016 @ Town Hall Provincetown. I am running along side with my husband Gordon Siegel. We both care and love Provincetown very much. I have fulfilled many of my dreams living in this wonderful town. I hope that others can come here and do the same. I Plan on giving my time, energy, creativity, and love that I have for this picturesque seaside community to make things fair and consistent which is a component of having a community that feels equal. I will be devoted to the cause for the bigger picture and always listen to what the voters want. What we want.

I care about :

There are several important articles that are trying to be passed that we need to consider carefully. I believe we should not support health premiums for the Selectmen. This is costly and unnecessary. 

Our Historic Community Center that is in danger of being swapped without considering what its true value is. We the Voters should stop this trade, YOU and I can VOTE NO at the town meeting on April 4, 2016 @ Town Hall. We can use it for summer housing for our needed work force. We need to take some time and think about what our town's view is about building more affordable housing.

I want a community that is not divided and has open communication not only on social media but in person, when communication is more sincere and honest. I plan on working with our town to help develop more community projects and also create jobs for winter residents. I attended and participated in the Provincetown Year Rounders Festival, which I believe is an example of this. I believe we have so much talent in this town that we could be a Cottage Industry Village that produces merchandise for our town businesses as well as exporting our goods to other towns. We have so many divergent thinkers that we can be a creative Capital. Like fashion is to New York and Paris. We can achieve this!

I believe in affordable housing but it has to be realistic with the needs of our town. I would love to see in scale with it’s surrounding neighborhoods. mixed use live work spaces on town owned properties preferably the VFW where it would not change the historic essence that is our town. The VFW would be a sufficient space for a project like this, helping many people just starting out here and giving everyone a chance to experience the magic that is Provincetown. 

I believe that if we want to have a winter, year round community we need to have affordable rentals as well as jobs in the off season. It would be great to have more business in the winter like retail, art, and food establishments. More people, more houses, more jobs. Economic development. The Provincetown of yesterday is not the Provincetown of today nor the Provincetown of the future and we need to adapt to our changing times. We should reevaluate our needs for affordable housing as a community. We the voters should vote on what our vision is as a town and perhaps shift to other important concerns like job creation, economic development, and the magnification of our art and artists.

I would like to see a community awareness program that ties into our police department on building a community spirit. I would love to see a simulation scenarios that can teach and inform our community to work together rather than taking it to a court level. These reenactment scenarios can help bring us together rather than apart. This town is only so big and it gets more inhabited every year and we are driven closer by this. Which to me means we need to get along even more. Let’s work towards a more loving accepting community as this is no place for hate and intolerance.

Our schools and children are in one of the most exciting places in the world. People from all over choose Provincetown as their vacation destination. We have so many opportunities to be involved with our children and the impact they will have on the world. With the right tools and learned skills they can do anything their hearts desire. They can achieve all of their dreams. I think it would be beneficial to have programs in the summer that teach children and young adults to make products and create services to sell to our tourists while getting the children involved in what it takes to start a business, web business, and services and teach them to be the entrepreneurs of the future. I will work with anyone who would be interested in taking part in such a program.

I’d like to ask you for your vote,
Vincent Breglia